About me

As a little girl I didn't play dress up, or have tea parties with friends or my collection of dolls and stuffed animals. In fact I was more of a tomboy than a girly girl, most often seen running around the school yard in pants.  I only wore a dress when we went to church on Sundays and for special occasions. Over the years, I grew up and evolved into a girly girl that loves tea parties and dressing up.

I have a passion for planning and hosting tea parties. I love the beauty found in every detail of the tea party, and the social nature that surrounds tea parties. My love for tea parties came naturally to me, as I entertained and planned parties for family and friends to celebrate special occasions. I took delight and found beauty in every little detail of the tea party, and soon everyone around me was encouraging me to start my own business to share my love of tea parties, and my joy and positivi-tea with others. I fell in love with Royal Albert's fine bone china, especially the newest collections of today's vintage china patterns featuring florals, butterflies, and polka dots;  and decided to exclusively carry Royal Albert china for all RoyalTea Party Events. I have carefully selected or had custom made a variety of linens and decor items for clients to choose from to complement the beauty of the Royal Albert china and customize their tea party to suit their occasion and personal style.

I hope you'll let me share my passion for tea parties with you thru RoyalTea Party Events Inc., and you will let me help you plan your perfect tea party!

xx Krystyna, or as some of my friends say Krys-tea-na,

CEO RoyalTea Party Events Inc.